Saturday, June 26, 2010


When it comes to guys I like to think that I'm fairly intuitive and not easily fooled by their lying words. However, if I have feelings for someone all my instincts become fuzzy and I can be as dumb as it gets. My guess is this happens to alot of people, and that's why liars get away with the things they do. This blog is one that I have been meaning to write for some time, but it's a very hard one for me because I'm constantly in a type of limbo with my feelings about it, and currently have not come to a definite conclusion on how this particular story will end. My blog is once again about Henry. The guy I threw my drink on and face planted infront of him. Well I didn't scare him away that night to my great suprise, but I infact still to this day talk to him. To help shorten my story I will just give little scenarios that have happened since St Pattys.

When we first started talking he told me that he had a job where he works very crazy long hours. Okay..I can deal. Then he also told me that the reason hes single is because his schedule is so crazy that women dont trust him and start to become suspicious that maybe hes seeing someone else, when in reality its just his job. OKAY...hmm..I can deal with that also. Or atleast I thought I could. What he forgot to tell me was that he can never hang out. BUT...he likes to text everyday all day long even when hes at work. Oh and did I forget to mention that he ALWAYS wants to know where I am.

I got my wisdom teeth out and he was so sweet. He kept checking on me with my roommate to see how I was doing and everything. He then came over and brought me ensure, chicken noodle soup and just sat with me all night. Maybe he does like me! ...Hmmm...

During the whole wisdom teeth event I was thinking that maybe he was starting to come around. Oh how wrong I was. Flaky never can hang out Henry returns and things go back to the way they were. He would see me about an average of once a week. Apparently, he had a two week vacation coming up and he made me a promise that I will see a change! He is still constantly texting me and telling me there are some many things he would like us to do like a dummy I have hope.

His two week vacation from his ever so "demanding job" came and went. I saw him twice. Apparently his sister came to visit for four days. I dont really have any comments about this.

We eventually hang out, its pretty late at night and his phone keeps ringing. Trying not to be a snoopy girl I just kinda keep quiet about it, when in my head suspicion is at its full peak. Finally he tells me its his ex girlfriend and she keeps blowing him up. Guess what he does...he answers and leaves the room for 20 minutes to talk to her. Now all I can really say about how I was feeling was extremely bothered and shocked. Why would he leave me to talk to his ex girlfriend?? I didn't know what to do. I knew what I would tell me if this situation were happening to one of my friends...I would tell her to get up and leave NOW..hes rude and obviously there's something going on. Wish I could say I was smart and did that, but I didn't. When he come back he was saying all this stuff about how she's crazy and hes sorry that he did that to me but he didnt know what else to do..blah blah...blah.

Stupid me continues talking to him. By this time however, Im starting to get alittle irritated with what happened at his house, and how he still continues to be flaky. I decide to make one last effort to try and hang out with him so I ask what hes going to do Friday?
Henry: I dunno no plans yet.
Me: Would you like to hang out?
Henry: Uh..well you know thats the day I go out with my boys.
Me:Um okay...what are you doing saturday?
Henry: I dunno yet.
Me: Well how about Saturday?
Henry: Frances! I dont know..I have to see if anything is going on first.

He see if anything is going on first. I think that last statement was where I completely lost my mind. He cant make plans with me incase something better is going on..awesome. Now from this conversation you would think that he clearly isnt interested! Let me tell you though, that he still is texting me all the time nonstop saying he wants to see me and all of this craziness that doesn't correlate with his actions in any way. So what is his deal? Does he have two split personalities??? Well after that conversation I didnt care..I sort of freaked out and said the most nasty things I could muster as a lady and told him to go away and leave me alone.

He went away..for two days. Then started texting me saying that he really misses me and would like to be able to talk about it. So we did. He asked for another chance and I gave it to him. For two weeks he was consistent and saw me quite a bit. I was so happy because I really do like him and who knows maybe when we stopped talking it made him realize.

Well, that brings you up to date with now. He bailed on me a couple days ago. Its too early to completely tell but Im pretty sure hes going back to the way he was. I know there's clearly something wrong..but I just cant quite figure it out. Im usually so good at seeing through men and their games, but now that I genuinely like this one I feel completely blind. Like I can't see, even though I know that if this were happening to anyone else I would know the answer.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Words Of Wisdom

~Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit eachother. Perhaps they should just live next door and visit now and then.~ Katherine Hepburn