Sunday, January 9, 2011

Men Say The Darndest Things!

I havent had a chance to blog in awhile...been feeling distracted and unfocused. Starting the new year I am going to try to blog more often, but we will see how it goes. Haha. Time just flies by too quickly!

Being that Im quite backed up on my adventures with the male species, I have decided to make this blog a cluster of random statements that have been made to me by men that I have encountered. Hope you get as much entertainment out of them as I did :o)

"Frances, I really enjoy your company...and you seem like a cool girl. So I wanted you to know that I live with my ex girlfriend. ...That I used to be engaged to. Hopefully thats not a problem."

(Problem? Oh no..never that.)

"A girl that I used to mess with told me that girls actually feel emotion when it comes to sex! Thats crazy!!! Us guys dont have that at all."

(His face looked so shocked at the notion that sex and emotion could ever be related. Like he genuinely could not quite grasp the concept. If this statement is true for most men then it may change the way I feel about sex forever. Hahaha.)

That same guy from the last statement also made this one:

Me: I havent responded in awhile..he keeps texting me saying he misses me.

"Eh..he is probably just saying that because he wants in your pants...And dont look at me like that, Im just being honest."


"Ya I know Im wearing a wedding ring, but girl Im not married! I just wear it because if I dont I cant keep the women off me."

(...Said the scrawny white boy with glasses. do appear to be quite the chick magnet.)

"You heard I was married from your coworker? Oh no..thats my twin brother Mike. Hes the married one..Im michael and very single."

(So your mother had twins...and named one Mike and the other Michael. Hahaha..Alright sure.)

"You say everytime you see me Im talking to a different girl.Its true but I dont understand why you dont wanna chill with me because Im friendly with girls. I am a bouncer at a bar and its part of my job requirement to flirt while Im at work. It doesnt really mean anything to me."

(I feel like somewhere in his past a Hooters girl made this statement to him, and he liked it so much he made it his own.)

"Hey, If youre not gonna talk to me will you give your friend my number?"

Me: This guy that came into my restaurant was hitting on literally everything that walked by. No requirements just had to look like a girl. It was disgusting...He cant expect women to fall for that.

"Oh.....So if he would have just hit on a couple girls is that still bad?"

(LoL...Yes you clueless man! That is still bad. Us women want to feel like you chose us out of all the rest, not like were one of many. Only a girl with low self esteem will fall for that crap.)

"Being honest the reason I never texted you saying you left your belt over here was mostly because I wasnt sure if it was really yours or not. That was in the beginning though, now I only talk to you."

(Haha this is seriously one of my classic.)

"I promise Im not only talking to you to try to get you to have sex with me...I have plenty of girls to do that with. So we can take it slow if you pressure."

You gotta love men. I know I sure do.