Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh boy.

Have you ever dated anyone who you were absolutely crazy about? Someone who you could never see yourself being without? Then one day something happens, and just like that they're gone like all the others. Relationships are tough, especially letting them go. This story is about my new roommate and her now ex boyfriend.

Candice and I had decided to go out for a drink and have some roomie bonding time, being that she just recently moved in. We happened to be at a bar right down the street from her boyfriends house, and she thought that we should stop by so I could meet him. As we were walking she kept telling me, "You'll really like him, hes great." So I said, "Shouldn't you call him to see if hes home?" It always makes me uneasy popping in on people without letting them know I'm coming first, I'm not a huge fan of surprises. "Nah..Hes home. I spoke to him earlier," she assured me. There's one thing she was correct about, he was definitely home. As we approached his door the blinds were open and there he was...on the couch...with another girl...being quite friendly. As one can imagine, the situation got scary awkward, to the point where I decided it was best for me to stand in silence and just..stare. Candice started pounding on the door, when her boyfriend realized it was her he quickly closed the blinds and would not answer the door. Im not sure why he even bothered doing this, its not like much could save him after his affectionate display. My roomie was now furious..calling him yelling, pounding on the door, just pretty much completely wildin' out. She had me wondering what I would do in this exact situation.

Finally when she realized he wasn't going to answer the door she shouted, "Fine! I hope you like that B**** more then you like your PORSCHE!!" Oh boy. With that being said she stormed over to his car and began pulling at his windshield wipers. So heres the thing...vandalizing a car is not really ever appropriate, however I had to sympathize with the poor girl..she just witnessed her boyfriend whom she thought was a superb guy cheating..the girl he was cheating with is still inside.. he wont let her in his place and to top it all off she was humilated infront of her brand new roommate. This is a very tough situation, in which case I had to choose my words very wisely, " Candice. I'm not going to stop you because I know in some strange way this is probably therapeutic for you..but I feel it is my duty as your roommate to make you aware that if you continue we may very well have an officer knocking on the front door tomorrow morning eager to speak with you." She shrugged and shouted, "I dont give a f***!" Hmm..Alrighty then.

He never came out of his apartment, which seriously suprises me. When I was finally able to get her to leave and go home she had done a significant amount of damage to the car. All in all she ripped off his windshield wipers, busted his headlights, keyed his car, and tore off both his license plates. WHOA. Now if we were back in Seattle where I grew up, tearing off a dudes windshield wipers would be a low blow. Take the doors off but dont take the wipers, you can't even operate your vehicle with all that rain. You'd be just super stuck.

On the car ride home we sat in silence for most of the way then after awhile she said, "I understand why you dont date." And that was it. We haven't really spoke about that night since it happened, but I still think about how terrible it must have been for her. Yes, she did destroy his car..but her feelings were really hurt by someone she cared about. Situations like these are some of the reasons why I dont date. I hate getting hurt and being lied to, so much that I avoid relationships almost completely. Why do so many people cheat? I have never been able to make sense of it. My best guess is that its a lack of maturity, and the need for excessive attention. Whatever the reason may be, it doesn't excuse any of it.

My closing statement is a special note to all the cheaters who may someday come across my blog; If you have zero self control, or you're really just that selfish dont try making a commitment to someone if you know that you can't stick with it. If you cheat on someone you love, then you dont deserve them.. so why even bother lying? Save everyone else the time and wasted effort, and just be upfront with your player like tendancies. You'll find it much easier then pretending to be something youre not.


  1. " Seattle where I grew up, tearing off a dudes windshield wipers would be a low blow." is too funny!

    Excellent story. I'm sorry you were put in that situation. That had to be very awkward for you. People should just be honest and either not date exclusively at all or tell their significant other that things aren't working out and then go about your way.

  2. Men can be so weak. I am not surprised the guy let his car get trashed rather than face the music. Cheating men like to play the game but don't like to hear about the anger and pain they have caused.

  3. Excellent story.Sorry for you but men sometimes are so weak and act so confusing!

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