Saturday, September 25, 2010

What Animal Would You Be?

As I have mentioned in a previous blog, I'm not a huge fan of cheesy pickup lines. However, for the first time in quite awhile I heard a line that I didn't hate.

Allie and I were out just having a very casual night listening to music (if you haven't noticed casual happens to be my favorite scene) when a guy with bright red hair approaches us. He says, "Hello ladies, may I ask you a question?" As I was mentally preparing myself for something incredibly stupid to come out of his mouth I said, "Sure...why not." He then said, "Well my buddies and I over there have been discussing with eachother what animal we think we would be, and I was wondering..what animal would you ladies be?" What a great question! Haha..I happen to be quite the animal lover, so this stinker butt is in luck and has succeeded in efficiently capturing my attention. Allie answers, "A killer whale because I love the ocean and they are the number one predator in the water." sweet friend Allie (whom always wears a flower in her hair) would like to be the oceans number one killer..if that didn't catch his attention I dont know what will. They dabbled on in conversation for a moment and he then turned to me waiting for my answer. So I asked, "Well what animal would you like to be?" He smiled, "I decided that I would like to be a dog." Hah..funny I was thinking the same thing. He continued, "Cause you know they are fed and played with everyday...and they always have someone to take care of them. It just seems like a great life..laying around all day having your master get you everything you need. So what about you miss lady?" While he was saying this I had a sudden epiphany of what marriage would be like for his future wife. "Well I mean that sounds pretty great...for the dog atleast. But umm..If I could be an animal I think I would be a wolf." He raised his eyebrows in friend just said she wanted to be a dangerous ocean creature and he acted like that was normal and all I said was I wanted to be a wolf and he looked at me like I'm the one he should be alarmed about. "Why would you want to be a wolf?" I said, "I think a wolf suits me quite well, they are great hunters but more of a shadow dweller..something that listens and watches very intently. Im not shy or introverted, just sort of private and wolves are that way too." He replied, "So you're independant? Your eye color definitely says that about you." My eye color? I have never heard this before, and he must've noticed the look on my face because he continued, "They say that people with lighter eyes tend to be more comfortable in their own skin and with being alone then others with dark eyes." Now I'm not sure if this is a real statistic or anything but I have a very hard time believing it.
He continued to talk to us for a couple minutes longer, until Allie stood up as a clear sign that she was done with our chat. Later that night I saw that red headed man walk up to two other girls and guess what...he asked them the exact same question! Haha. Oh you men..I just love it. I am fully aware that many guys do this, if it doesn't work on one try another..and I have to admit it is alot easier then treating each girl different and having to think of a new thing to say to each one you try to mack on. In fact, one night when I go out I'm going to try this. I dont usually.. wait no correction..I NEVER approach men but I think I shall try it one night for the sake of pure entertainment. Just to see how guys react to my creative pickup line that I use numerous times throughout the night, who knows maybe one will even call me out on it. That would be lovely!
On a different note, for my extreme hate of pickup lines I actually enjoyed this one. He was creative, and it was a question he could technically ask anybody. So props for him!


  1. Maybe he should have chosen a parrot since he was repeating the same question all night to different ladies. :)

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  3. Hahah, Quincy gives a great suggestion, unfortunately all men are like dogs indeed - they just need someone to take care of them - so typical, I wish there were more wolves among men...