Saturday, September 18, 2010

Can I get some respect please?

There is something that I think I can safely say pretty much all women want..Respect. Or atleast thats what we claim we want. Respect seems to be a dying concept and no longer is a high priority trait that is instilled into us like it used to be in the past. "Treat others the way you would want to be treated." A common saying that is greatly overlooked. When dealing with people, I feel like many times during the day we dont stop and think how would I feel being on the recieving end of the things I say and do to others.Or maybe we just dont care enough to even worry about it. What I look for in a man is to be treated with the utmost respect, and I have been unable to figure out why I cant find that. I have been doing some observing lately, and I am starting to understand why respect is such an endangered concept. Here are a few instances that I have witnessed or heard recently:

~While out once on Taco Tuesday I saw a pregnant (keyword: PREGNANT) girl in a skimpy prostitute looking dress with four inch heels chugging a beer. Let me repeat that...PREGO CHUGGING A BEER. To top it off, she after having finished hers proceeded to accept another beer from a dude. It was very disturbing to watch, and I feel sorry for that poor baby who can't help that his mother is a complete idiot.

~Have you ever stopped and really looked at yourself before going out to a club? Yes todays fashion is very cute, but we all have to admit that the average club/bar attire makes us women look like high priced call girls. Short dresses the barely cover our booty, shirts so low cut you can almost see the entire boob, high heels that are so tall we can barely walk.We are all guilty of this offense, myself included..but it truly looks so trashy. Yes we want a mans attention, which these outfits definitely attract many wandering eyes but have you ever wondered what hes thinking about you when he is looking? I couldn't tell you word for word, but I guarantee its not "Wow I really wanna take her home to meet my momma!"

~A great example; The ocho cinco show, Real Chance at love, Flavor of love. All these shows women go on to rip eachother apart and expose themselves to the world to compete for one mans "affection". For what? Exposure? You will sacrifice your own self respect just for publicity? No one is buying that these women are really on there to fall in love, it really just makes the whole idea of love a bit of a joke.

~I was watching The Bad Girls Club with two guys and they were sitting on the couch laughing the entire time. These attractive women with gobbs of makeup on their face screaming and fighting with eachother constantly. The entire show was based on drama, cat fights, and what guy they were gonna hookup with that night. What woman would ever want to be part of this?? It is pure entertainment for men to see girls acting like insane pyschopaths.

~My friend met a guy and they went out to dinner. That night after only hanging out with him for a couple hours, she had sex with him. The next day she was telling me how great he was and how they just had so much chemistry. He told her he wanted her to meet his friends, and all these sweet things to give her what I like to call false hope to help him get her in the sack. Well guess what...he never spoke to her again. Im not saying everytime you have a one stand he wont stick around, because I have heard of situations where the two people become a couple. However, if you didn't make him work very hard..or work at all for that matter then where do you expect him to respect you? He probably thinks you're just easy, I mean for all he knows you sleep with every guy you meet.

~If you're already in a relationship with a guy and you catch him cheating on you DUMP HIM. A huge mistake we make is taking someone back who has cheated. It's hard to get rid of a guy you really care about but the truth is, if he did that to you he doesn't respect you. He may like you but without respect liking you isn't enough. By taking him back after he has done that, he will feel like he can get away with things like that and you'll still be with him. I have experienced this first hand, and seen it many times.

~Now all the rap songs sing about hoes and sex. Example: The new hit Toot it and Boot it. Us ladies will be out on the floor dancing our hearts out while the guy is singing about having sex with a chick and never speaking to her again. "I met her in the club, you know I was drunk. I asked her name and then said I wanna f*** and Im YG you know I f***ed. And she f***ed back like a little slut. And she fell inlove and she feel stupid cuz you know I toot it and boot it." YG. Okay so that right there,guys are standing on the side watching us getting wild on the dance floor to this song..what in the world is he supposed to think? Haha.

These are a few things I have noticed and thought about over the past few weeks, and I can sort of understand why its becoming more and more difficult to find some respect in the dating world. We can't really blame the men I mean come on...if we dress like a slut, act like a slut, and lack morals for own self how in the world can we expect to recieve any type of respect? Men are going out and seeing so many of us women and we're not demanding the respect so they're not giving it. The problem is now, if you are one of the women out there that wants this from a man and you let him know that,alot of the time hes thinking (Oh screw this girl, she actually wants me to work for her. Why should I put in that extra work for her when I can just go to a club and find many chicks that will sleep with me right off the reel.) I'm telling you ladies, we are messing things up for ourselves big time. We need to stop letting guys think they're pimps and stop wandering around acting like little hussies. If we dont, I fear that respect will become completely extinct and lord only knows what dating would be like then.


  1. You have so many lines in this blog that I must quote in my own some day. So many different points were very valid and said so much. Great job!

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