Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Texting Adventures

Me: So you're back with your girlfriend again?

Franklin: Yeah...but I still would like to have sex with you.

Me: (Um..??) Like I said I want someone who is willing to spend time with me and get to know me not try to just get in my pants. Oh and also, another requirement would be someone who is actually single. It seems to me that clearly you're quite into that girl because you guys keep getting back I'm good thanks though.

Franklin: So we cant just one time? lol

Me: Seriously..F you.

Franklin: Why it gotta be like that

Me: Why dont you just ask me "hey can I use you?" Because thats pretty much what you're're talking to me like I'm a piece of ass when I deserve some respect just like everyone else. Continue to talk to me that way and I'll talk to you like your a piece of yes it does gotta be like that..F OFF.

Franklin: So you dont like me??

Me: No...I dont know who taught you how to treat women but they did a piss poor keep getting back together with someone you try to constantly cheat on which makes a whole lot of sense! I dont mean to sound rude but I have met alot of guys like you and call me crazy but I just dont have the desire to be used anymore, so if you could please leave me out of your cheating adventures that would be awesome.

Franklin: Aight I wont text you anymore bye.

I would first like to say pardon my strong use of profanity. It is not the most appealing way to talk however sometimes I feel the only way to efficiently get my point across is to use agressive innapropriate language. I mean clearly it scared him away in the conversation above, so mission accomplished. One thing I am beginning to realize is that by the time Im 30, I do believe that there wont be anything someone could say that would surprise me.


  1. I was that guy a decade ago. I'd ask for what I wanted because I knew even if only one out of every five women said "yes", it was a success. I'm glad that I matured and realize what I was doing. I'm also happy that you recognized the game, too.

  2. I feel like all I hear is game..I would be completely shocked if I heard something genuine. That would be lovely.

  3. Conversations like this can be disappointing, especially if you liked the guy, but think on the brighter side of the situation- at least you know what kind of person he is, so if something is not meant to be, just drop it and direct your efforts to somebody else.